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Monday, October 13, 2014

How can you best learn how to use Sketchup?

Video Tutorials
To get started fast, view the SketchUp tutorials:
The Instructor
To find out what all the tools do, click on a tool. Information about the selected tool is displayed in the Instructor. If you don't see the Instructor, open the Window menu, and then click Instructor. You can also refer to the SketchUp Quick Reference Card.
SketchUp Help Center
You can find answers to many questions in the SketchUp Help Center, just search on a common term or phrase in your question, or browse through the categories. You can also find Getting Started Guides, User's Guides, and Reference Guides in the Help Center for SketchUp, LayOut, and Style Builder.
SketchUp Help Forum
The user group is an excellent place to find answers, ask questions, and share your expertise.
Play and explore!
Most importantly, play and explore! Right-click a lot, you'll often discover a shortcut menu full of actions related to the tool you're using and the thing you're pointing at.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Some importent shotrcut keys for all users help.

Say you have no any mouse or your mouse is not working properly, than you can use these short keys to operate your computer system without mouse. Here are some common short keys given.

Alt + Space + R
This short key reduces the size of windows

Alt + Space + M
You can move any small size window to any corner of your desktop.Use arrows keys to move left, right, top or bottom and press Enter.

Alt + Space + X
You can maximize  any small window by pressing this short key.

To minimize any window use this short key.

Alt + Tab.
Maximize any minimized window.  Moreover if you are using two or more than two programs then you can also use this short key to select your required programe.

If you want to shut down your computer without mouse then press window key and then press “U” key 2 times.

Win + U + R
Use these keys to restart your Computer.

You can change the name of any folder without mouse.
Simply highlight required folder through arrows key and press “F2”. Write the name of folder and press Enter.

Open New tab in Google chrome.
You can easily open a new tab in google chrome by pressing Alt+T
Similarly you can close tab by pressing Alt+W