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Saturday, October 5, 2013

How to Clean up a Computer & Fix Problems for Free

After you have had your computer for a while,you may notice that it is not running as fast and as well as it once was.Maybe you have a specific problem,or perhaps you are just experiencing a general slowing-down of your machine.This article will give you tips on how to clean up your computer and solve your computer problems for free.
Update your software. Any time your computer prompts you to update your software, you should do it. This is especially true of any virus protection, disk cleanup, or security updates. You should also update your web browser, as new editions will often come with security upgrades. Updating your software can help you prevent computer problems before they start.
Clean your registry. In Windows, the registry is a large database of program information, settings, and more. Over time, it can become filled with useless information that slows the functioning of your computer. Fortunately, there are a number of free programs that can help you clean your registry, which should improve your computer’s performance.

Simple Solutions of PC Boot Problems

Is your computer not booting? There might be computer boot problems due to several reasons.  Just have a look what to do to resolve PC boot problems.
Once we find our computer is not booting, we get nervous. But being nervous you can never be able to resolve the issue. Be cool.  Have a look at the power cable. Is it plugged in correctly? Sometime we forget to turn on the power strip. Have a look at it as well.
Another important thing you need to check whether the power cable is plugged into the back of the computer appropriately or not. Sometimes, the power supplies feature a separate on/off switch, usually labeled 0/1. It needs to be turned on. If these power cables are plugged in properly press the power button of the CPU. The computer should start booting.
Is your computer getting restarted automatically? There might be problem with the RAM. To resolve this issue you need to take the cover off of the case and remove the RAM and clean it with a white paper. Then insert it again in proper way. The problem will get resolved if the RAM is OK.
Sometimes, it is also seen that the computer booting but no display on monitor. In these cases, you need to check the power cable of the monitor. Have you plugged it in properly? Is the monitor turned on? The cable which connects the video card/Motherboard and the monitor is appropriately plugged in? If the all these are OK,the problem should be solved. For further assistance you can ask for computer help from a remote PC service provider.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fix the error message Operating system not found

If when you boot your PC you receive the error message 'Operating system not found', it's probable that Windows has lost partition information.

QUESTION My PC's hard disk appears to have died. The machine is a few years old, but has been running fine and I haven't installed any new hardware or software. When I turn on the computer I get the message: ‘Operating system not found'.
I know a bit about PCs and Windows, and thought it could be a problem with the Master Boot Record. I booted from my Windows XP CD and used the Recovery Console to attempt to rebuild the OS. The plan was to use the fixmbr command, but I was stopped in my tracks when the Recovery Console reported that it couldn't find a hard disk.
Oddly, the Bios shows that the hard disk is still connected to the PC and it clearly has power. When I removed the case's side panel I can hear the disk whirring away as normal, with none of the ominous clicking sounds you might expect to hear from a failing drive.